"Fabulous! Can't wait to go back. Perfectly done, perfectly presented, and perfectly fresh!" - Alison J.

"I am so excited about my Golden Earthworm Organic Farm membership.  I look forward to my weekly deliveries and appreciate everyone's hard work to produce such wonderful boxes all season!  Your website is a joy to follow - the pictures, stories and recipes." - Virginia R.

"Great way to start the season - beautiful produce (as usual). Our chickens loved the extras!  Thanks to everyone there." - June L.

"Thank you so much for feeding me so deliciously this growing season. Every week has been the most perfect, beautiful, and flavorful vegetables I could hope for. I have been part of the CSA since it started in Jackson Heights and every year gets better and better." - Jackie M.

"Just had to tell you how much I'm enjoying my CSA share - this is my first year. It has gone beyond my expectations.  The vegetables are beautiful, the blog is wonderful (love the storage tips and recipes), and that watermelon is the best I've had in a long time.  So happy to see pits!  Thank you!" - Melanie C.

"Hi! Thanks so much for your delicious fruits and veggies this year. My daughter turned one in October and has been enjoying the food from your farm for as long as she has been eating solids!!! It feels good knowing I'm giving her the best quality, locally grown food so I just wanted to thank you for another wonderful year! I have been with the CSA for three years and it has been such an amazing experience!" - Rachel B. & Family

"I couldn’t wait to pick up my first share today!  I was so excited to open the box and take a look at the beautiful vegetables that you had packed so nicely for me and my family to enjoy.  The amount of veggies in the share far exceeded my expectations.  What a nice surprise! My family and I can’t wait to “dig in” to many of them tonight.  Time to get cooking and preparing! Thanks so much for the love and care you put into your farm." - Terri W.

"Hugs and thanks to you, Farmers Matt, James, Galen, Zinn and Crew for a magnificent start to a wonderful CSA season!  My husband and I sat outside in our backyard with birds singing, clouds billowing, breezes gently blowing, and scrumptious flavors reigning.  We absolutely loved our first delivery of beautiful greens...we had belonged to the CSA for 3 or 4 years and I gave it up for 2 years because I did not "have time" but I know that as a farmer and parent, you know all about time and I feel silly for wimping out!!  So I resolved to delve into great recipes.health, and ingredients and MAKE the time to enjoy the wonderful and healthy organic bounty that you and yours so lovingly produces.  THANKS so much for the inspired recipes...each and every recipe I have attempted from your website has been the best example of a particular ingredient that I have EVER eaten!  Tonite, we enjoyed the spaghettini, arugula, and goat cheeese and the classic vinaigrette and we were knocked over by the beauty and scrumptiousness of our meal.  Thank you all for the wonderful food you bring to so many tables and the organic, CSA mission that so many of us feel so passionate about." - Ann and Jim L.

"Thank you to everyone at the farm.  My life is so much better now that you are in it!" - Noreen T.

"I have been a member for many years and I just want to let you know how much our family appreciates the quality of your veggies, your care and thoughtfulness and your diligence in doing the very best possible for all of us. We feel like you are part of our family and have helped raise healthy children into adulthood!!!" - Kristine K.

"Just want to say, thank you!!!!! You guys are simply amazing! I not only appreciate your conducting the survey, but also responding in this email!!! We feel truly blessed to have you in our lives!  Thank you for feeding our family!"
- Michelle T.

"I want to tell you how happy I am for being part of this CSA. We are really enjoying the fresh interesting vegetables we receive each week! Thanks! " - Gail O.

"Thank you very much for growing and sharing so much wonderful produce this season.  We have been part of the Douglaston CSA for many years now and have always enjoyed the bounty of YOUR labor, so we wanted to take the opportunity to say “Thanks”!  We feel very lucky to be part of the CSA and are looking forward to next season!" - Anne & Paul D.

"Your newsletter was so beautiful that I cried!  Once again, thanks so much for a wonderful season and your personal attention. Every Tuesday morning I tear into the email as early as 8 a.m. To see if your newsletter arrived yet.! I love it. It starts the day off right..."  - Loretta Y.

"I've lost count of how many years I've been a member (9?), but I can tell you that it has been life changing and I just love picking up my share every week, week after week…it is vital that we reconnect with nature and the life-giving, life-healing nutrients that come from an earth without toxic chemicals… Keep doing what you’re doing! Love and gratitude!" -Alina

"I’m sure you get a lot of feedback when something goes wrong, so I wanted to let you know that I’ve been a member for several years now and I have to say that I love the program, the produce and the newsletters.  You really have a top notch service." - Pat C.

"We want to thank everyone there for another wonderful year of great produce. I love to decide what kind of meal we will have based on those beautiful vegetables, and fruit..." - June L.